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Is Bigfoot Real? Does Sasquatch Have Magic Powers?

Is Bigfoot real?Is Bigfoot real?  Each year many people claim to have seen Bigfoot.  Unfortunately, there has not been any real evidence to support the sightings.  Photos, footprints and hair samples of this creature have been as scarce as Bigfoot himself.  Growing up in an area with the highest number of  Sasquatch sightings, the Pacific Northwest, specifically the area around Mount Adams.  The area of Mt. Adams is not easily accessible, many areas are closed to four-wheel vehicles.   I know the area well, riding my dirt bike on mountain trails through the forest all the way up to the alpine regions.  After reaching the alpine areas I would hike and backcountry camp, always leaving no sign.  In the fall I would camp in these areas while picking gooseberries for my family.

Having spent many summers in the Mount Saint Helens area before the eruptions created havoc in the area.  I explored what was called the “Ape” caves, an area of lava tubes which folklore of the area identified as an area of Bigfoot sightings.  Exploring the lava tubes was very exciting often the only way out was climbing through a hole in the roof of the cave which earlier had caved in.  Did I see Bigfoot?  Well, let’s just say “He’s the hide and seek champion of all time.

Do I hope Sasquatch exists?  Yes, I want to believe it. It is my hope there is a creature who has mastered living in the woods so well he is virtually undetectable.   I have heard people recount sighting stories on late night radio programs such as Coast to Coast.  Some feel Sasquatch has magical powers to become invisible, to travel from one dimension to another to disappear right before your eyes.    I want to believe this is true.

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