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Jersey Devil Creature T-Shirt Cryptid Cryptozoology Monster Shirts

Jersey Devil Creature T-Shirt

Jersey Devil Cryptid Creature T-Shirt

Jersey Devil Cryptid Creature T-Shirt

by redsquid

Jersey Devil is a folklore monster first sighted 1909 in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey.  First-hand sightings describe the creature as walking and running on two legs with hooves. Many people have said the body is kangaroo-like with a goat-like head and bat-like wings.  It has been reported to move quickly while screaming in a blood-curdling pitch.

According to folklore, in 1735 a local woman Mother Leeds was giving birth to her thirteenth child on a bitter cold stormy night.   After being born the baby suddenly began to change to something horrid.  The baby’s feet grew into hooves, the head morphed into a goat’s head, huge batwings emerged from the baby’s body and a long skinny forked tail formed.  Family and friends who had gathered for the birth ran and screamed with terror.  The baby by then had completely transformed into a horrible creature.  The monster shrieked, beat its wings and whipped its tail before flying up the chimney.  That night the creature was last seen flying into the nearby Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey.

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